Into the Mountains

Hello, world. For the last few weeks, I have been motivated to examine my goals. I have been feeling spread a bit too thin, always short on time and feeling as though I have not been getting much done. I needed to take a long look at my priorities and where I want to be in the not so distant future. In the past, I have had ten year plans that were categorized into different areas and my success with them has been moderate at best. After reflecting on where I have been and where I want to go from here, I rewrote my goals from scratch.

I decided on two areas of primary focus: scientific research and mountaineering. If you want to know more about my scientific endeavors, you can visit my academic website: chaotic neural. If you are more interested in mountaineering, you are in the right place. While my goals now fall into these two areas of focus, there are other supporting goals that will help me achieve my main goals. I hope to see more progress now that my main and supporting goals working in tandem. The following is a short list of mountaineering action items for the next six months.

  • Acquire the equipment necessary for mountaineering during any season
  • Climb at least two mountains each month
  • Practice bouldering on a weekly basis
  • Share my climbing outings and find a group to climb with regularly
  • Exercise regularly, in order to tackle more difficult climbs
  • Write about my experiences on this website

All of this will culminate in a significant climb with my brother next summer. This may be Mount Rainier in Washington, the Grand Teton in Wyoming, or Mont Blanc on the border of France and Italy. With this goal in mind to keep myself motivated, I head into the mountains.

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