I climb for fun and for the challenge of it. It seems odd to me that there are many hiking and climbing groups that put so many requirements on potential participants. In bold letters they emblazon their posts with: THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS HIKE! Their purpose is to deter anyone new to the hobby, because they do not want to feel bad for leaving them behind. They do not want to assist others that are interested in climbing to achieve their potential, because they feel it would cause them to fail in achieving their own potential.

This may be why so many hiking groups are populated entirely by people of a certain age. Most of the people I have encountered at hiking and climbing events are retired or nearly so. It is wonderful to be able to talk with them and learn from their life experiences, but I felt out of place being in my thirties and significantly younger than the rest of the participants. There may be many younger people that would be interested in climbing if they were not turned off by the false barriers to entry that the regulars put up.

It may be time for me to start posting my own events. Events that are more open, welcoming, and fun.

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